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Who we are

We are an author academy and publishing house based in Southern Germany with an international mix of members.

Our goal is to get every enthused and passionate writer to achieve his or her best possible skill level and to be able to compete with other authors in the big publishing houses out there.

We have an exclusive, one of a kind and even patented way of teaching and working with our authors.

Our network consists of text coaches and editors who work together closely with each and every one of our authors. With our method, we provide individual education and training for writers based on their texts.

Why we are unique

Our members work on a non-profit basis. Our service is free of charge. Every author who sends their work in will be coached. Our coaching system gives us the exclusive possibility to accept every text, no matter the skill level of an author. We do not need to reject texts.

Every author chooses what he or she wants to improve in their craft. The texts we receive are coached individually and authors will receive feedback by our coaches . Changes to the texts, however, remain at the convenience of the author. All we basically ask for is correct grammar and spelling. This will help authors not only to improve on their writing, but also to develop their own unique way of writing. After all, we encourage artistic freedom.

What you can expect from us

When you send in your story, you will be coached individually and free of charge. Our editors will be in contact with you, giving you feedback at every stage of the editing process. Our feedback will always be constructive and easy to understand. Always, feel free to ask your editor if you have questions, he or she will be happy to help you out.

In case you still feel insecure about going public with your stories, do not hesitate to send them in to our anthologies. The adjustments will need to be discussed with you, so that in the end, your text will come out in  its best possible version. Any changes to your text will be done by yourself.

What we expect from you

All we need from you is your passion in writing and the will to improve! Whenever something is unclear, do not hesitate to ask your editor. Also, it is very important for the editing process that we stay in contact! There is nothing sadder than sending in a promising text and then lose track of it because the author does not reply to our e-mails!

Please, be aware that the process of our cooperation starts right from the point when you first send in your story to us. . You will be provided with feedback and corrections at least twice throughout the process, so please make sure we always have your current working email address.

However, we do not ask for payment for this service! There is no fee you have to pay to get your story published.

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